How the West Was Won – Back from the Feds!

This is an example of American citizens taking back their rights to the land that belongs to them. You think Federal land belongs to the people? Nope – it belongs to the land barons in DC who get to pick-and-choose who gets the land based on political influence and bribes. They hold resources hostage, such as oil, gas, minerals, water, and even grazing land.

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April 14, 2014 · 2:15 pm

Touching Now Federal Offense – No Guns For You!

The Supreme Court just ruled in the case United States vs. Castleman that:

“…the crime of battery was ‘satisfied by even the slightest offensive touching.’”

That means that for even a domestic misdemeanor (not a federal crime) the owning a firearm is now a federal offense.

The rapid encroachment on your 2nd Amendment rights is accelerating. Strangely enough, criminals will ignore this law, and a huge swath of citizens will now be disarmed. And the State loves it – as you are made ever more dependent on them for “safety”.

The real question is, who will be left to protect you from the State?

And families like this would also be disarmed, as under felony gun laws, there cannot be a firearm in the house.

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Jeb Bush Declares Illegal Immigration “An Act Of Love” While Others Suggest Deported Individuals Be Brought Back To U.S.

Brad S.:

The U.S. electorate is alike a bunch of drunks, staggering between two parties hoping one or the other will finally make them feel good, safe, and secure. Ever disappointed, these addicts will still hope that a fix of Clinton, or a fix of Bush, or “Hope and Change”, will bring their blurry vision of some perfect society into focus. Instead they are left bloody in the gutter, wallets emtpy, but too drunk on Statest coolaid to acknowledge the truth of their situation. Like dogs, they return to their vomit, and hope for more of the same.

Originally posted on JONATHAN TURLEY:

200px-thumbnail The politics over illegal immigration has radically changed as both parties see the issue as key to attracting the hispanic vote in the next election. A measure of that change was evident on Sunday when <a href=”Former Florida governor Jeb Bush said Sunday that many who illegally come to the United States do so out of an “act of love” for their families while Democrats are pushing to stopping deportations all together.

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How the liberal mind doesn’t explode daily with hypocritical seizures is beyond me.

Originally posted on The Pissed Off Tree Rat:

So D.C. convicts a man of “having in his home a 12-gauge shell that had failed to go off on a hunt that he kept as a souvenir, a spent .270 Winchester shell casing, and a box of .45 caliber Knight muzzleloader bullets with plastic sabots”. All legal material. But they they want to legalize the possession in a home of Cannabis which remains a Schedule I substance under federal law as of 2013. So folks don’t see the twisted hypocrisy to criminalize the possession of a legal item in your home by law abiding citizens in D.C. but legalize the possession of an illegal substance in your home that had to have been brought into D.C. illegally. Bizarre.


Before you start pinging on me stance on legalized marijuana or guns I’ll state my position clearly.  I think you should feel free to legally smoke a bowl of some choice…

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Mozilla CEO Forced to Step Down Due To PC Infraction



The Mozilla Foundation logo

The Mozilla Foundation logo (Photo credit: 

Mozilla CEO Forced to Step Down Due To PC Infraction


For a company who’s motto is “Doing good is part of out code”, apparently vilifying co-workers for having politically incorrect views – in spite of the fact that their performance is exceptional, is “doing good”. In other words, if you disagree with our political stance, you will be pilloried. Mozilla has just illustrated for the whole world that they have achieved that notable place of maturity: decline.





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