Balanced Budget Amendments (BBA) Gut Our Constitution And Don’t Reduce Spending

I’ve always thought that a Balanced Budget Amendment would only restrict the government from spending more than it’s revenue, addressing deficit spending only. If it expands the constitutional authority to spend outside the narrow limits as defined, then it’s a very bad thing.

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By Publius Huldah

Q:  Doesn’t our Constitution already provide for controlling federal spending?
A:  Yes.  It liststhe purposes for which Congress may spend money.  Spending is limited by the “enumerated powers” listed in the Constitution:

  • If it’s on the list of powers delegated to Congress or the President, Congress may lawfully appropriate funds for it.  Read the Constitution and highlight the delegated powers – then you will know what Congress may lawfully spend money on.
  • If it’s not listed, Congress may not lawfully spend money on it.

Q: What is the connection between the Oath of office (Art. VI, cl. 3) and federal spending?
A: All federal and State officials take an Oath to support the federal Constitution.  The Constitution lists what Congress may lawfully spend money on.  When people in Congress spend money on objects not listed in the Constitution; and when State officials accept federal…

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Author: Brad Slusher

A document covered with good intentions and proclamations, signed by men of questionable character, is incapable of restraining the avarice of a government.

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