Jews — Christians — and Political Identities

In my experience, secular Jews are invariably progressive liberals. Nevertheless, I still form great friendships with them, and enjoy their fatalism, and humor. I’m no longer convinced that they remain “God’s Chosen People”, but I do hope and pray that the natural branch will someday be grafted back into the vine.


tulipsWhy Don’t Jews Like the Christians Who Like Them?

By James Q. Wilson
“Liberalism can’t abide conservative evangelicals”

In the United States, the two groups that most ardently support Israel are Jews and evangelical and fundamentalist Christians. Jewish support is easy to explain, but why should certain Christians, most of them politically quite conservative, be so devoted to Israel? There is a second puzzle: despite their support for a Jewish state, evangelical and fundamentalist Christians are disliked by many Jews. And a third: a large fraction of African-Americans are hostile to Israel and critical of Jews, yet Jewish voters regard blacks as their natural allies.

10 commandments...The evidence about evangelical attitudes is clear. In 2006, a Pew survey found that evangelical Christians were more favorable toward Israel than the average American was—and much more sympathetic than either mainline Protestants or secularists. In another survey, evangelical Christians proved much likelier…

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Author: Brad Slusher

A document covered with good intentions and proclamations, signed by men of questionable character, is incapable of restraining the avarice of a government.

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