“There Was No Negligence”: Ten Indian Women Die and Dozens Are Hospitalized After Mass Sterilization

The key words in the article are “state run”. When you separate the consumer of a service (especially medical) from the payer for said service (government, insurance companies) loyalty and accountability invariably follows the money. Once money is abstracted from taxpayers, all loyalty and accountability is to the treasury, and the treasury couldn’t care less.


India flagIndian officials are investigating a shocking case where 10 women have died and dozens of others hospitalized after participating in a state-run mass sterilization. The over 80 women underwent sterilizations by a single doctor in a single day in the central state of Chhattisgarh on Saturday. The most remarkable statement came below from the chief medial officer who promised an investigation.

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Author: Brad Slusher

A document covered with good intentions and proclamations, signed by men of questionable character, is incapable of restraining the avarice of a government.

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