The Facts on Women in Science Show Why We Don’t Need the Diversity Bureaucracy


A new study finds that females are twice as likely to be hired as tenure-track faculty in the sciences as males. This finding undermines the claim that faculty hiring is biased against females. It also shows that the ever-growing bureaucracy to support diversity on college campuses is a waste of resources.

Researchers at the Cornell Institute for Women in Science asked faculty in biology, engineering, economics, and psychology from 371 American colleges and universities to evaluate three hypothetical applicants to their departments. The job-search packages for the applicants included a search committee’s report, quotes from letters of recommendation, and an overall numerical score. The academic qualifications of two of those hypothetical candidates, a male and a female, were equal. A third male candidate was slightly inferior to the other two.

The nearly 900 faculty members, half male, half female, from all four fields preferred female applicants over identically qualified males…

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Author: Brad Slusher

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