Responding to Planned Parenthood Defenders: 8 Claims Debunked

A concise response to Planned Parenthood’s attempts at obfuscation.

The World Renewed

In the past few days, defenders of Planned Parenthood have taken to the airwaves as well as social media to defend the organization from the growing outcry and criticism over undercover videos showing prominent officials within the organization engaging in the sale of fetal body parts among other immoral and/or illegal acts. The arguments employed by these defenders have been repeated ad nauseam. Let’s see how they hold up to examination.

CLAIM #1- The Planned Parenthood undercover videos are “heavily edited.”

IS IT TRUE? Answer: Depends on which video you watch. The “edited” versions are shortened versions of the full videos, which you can see here. The shortened, “edited” versions are edited essentially like an undercover video you would see on 60 Minutes or any other investigative journalism show on television. If you watch the full, unedited videos, they corroborate the same details that appear in the shortened videos. They are edited…

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