The Rise of Populism: What Trump and Francis Have in Common

The World Renewed

As I’ve mentioned for a while now, there seems to be a reemergence of populism in the United States as evidenced by the Presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Yesterday, Kishore Jayabalan of the Acton Institute published an article detailing the populist connection between two people who are seemingly at odds: Pope Francis and Donald Trump.

Jayabalan argues that the connection between these two men is their opposition to free trade. Jayabalan observes:

Trump may seem to be the poster child of capitalism, but it turns out that he is actually against free trade. Like Ross Perot, another businessman-turned-populist who ran for president in 1992, he promises to bring back manufacturing jobs from Mexico. He promises to start a trade war with China. He even manages to be for both lower and higher taxes on the rich. Trump thinks that mastering the art of negotiation is…

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