FDA Told U.S. Drug System Is Broken – washingtonpost.com

The federal system for approving and regulating drugs is in serious disrepair, and a host of dramatic changes are needed to fix the problem, a blue-ribbon panel of government advisers concluded yesterday in a long-awaited report.

Link to FDA Told U.S. Drug System Is Broken – washingtonpost.com

Another quote from the article:

The increasing number of uninsured patients is also a major problem that limits access to care. "We have an epidemic on our hands," Schoen said. "The number of uninsured is up 6 million over the last five years. The number of states with 23 percent uninsured is now 12, up from four just five years ago. This is moving across the country, and is getting worse every year."

According to the PEW Hispanic Center (quoting from U.S. Census and DOL statistics) Undocumented Residents (Illegal Aliens) living in the United States are somewhere around 11 million*. You think there might be some correlation?


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