10 myths about school shootings – Crime & Punishment – MSNBC.com

At the end of the article, they ask:

What worries you most about the recent spate of school shootings? Parents, how safe do you feel sending your kids to school? Are you planning to make any changes? Kids, do you feel safe at school? Selected responses will be published.

What worries me most?
That stupid bureaucrats are going to launch huge, expensive, and worthless programs, that will only pander to a reactive public in order to gain votes. "I voted for School Safety" will be the mantra, and of course they will pass the "School Safety Act of 2006" which will mean:

  • More psychological profiling of our children
  • More drugs dispensed to children in order to modify their supposed disorders
  • More invasive probes into children’s homelife in order to validate bureaucratic intervention
  • More central control of education budgets by the Dept. of Education

Link to 10 myths about school shootings – Crime & Punishment – MSNBC.com

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