Fences and Borders

One of my co-workers just happened to mention that she had finally posted ‘no trespassing’ signs around her property. It seems that there is a group of neighbor kids that are jumping her fence on a regular basis in order to retrieve their sports related paraphernalia.

Part of her justification is that, due to some steep embankments there was a potential liability issue, and should she get sued her insurance rates would go though the roof. ("I would refuse to pay it anyway" said she). Also she was tired of always tossing their balls back over the fence. Besides, their yard was too small, and they should not have put in an athletic court anyway. Ultimately, amongst a myriad of petty justifications, posting these signs would give her the right to call the police to keep these hooligans from importuning her life.

I’m afraid at that moment, the little red guy sitting on my shoulder with the horns and pitch-fork was whispering in my ear, and I just had to ask: "So how do you feel about amnesty for undocumented workers?"

Her reply: "Oh, I guess I’m not against it."

Apparently she was unable to apprehend the irony of my question. Knowing her political bent, I was not surprised. Had her fence been on the U.S./Mexican border, and she had 30-50 Hispanics (or heaven forbid, Hezbollah operatives) passing through her yard on a daily basis as currently happens to folks along the border, she would be calling for the National Guard!

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