Human Life is Precious, Unless it’s Inconvenient

The upcoming November election, Initiative Measure 1000 (Title: Initiative Measure No. 1000 concerns allowing certain terminally ill competent adults to obtain lethal prescriptions) is patterned after Oregon’s “Death-with-Dignity” law, but after reading this article by Wesley Smith, you may (hopefully) see the malevolent side of the whole debate. In a quote from the article:

Frank Roberts sponsored a measure (SB 1191) to permit "aid-in-dying," defined as "a medical procedure" performed by a physician "to end the life of a patient in a dignified, painless and humane manner." Of course, it meant killing the patient with a lethal injection but, you’ll note, that the soft phrase, "aid-in-dying," was used. That’s an important point since words like "euthanasia," "assisted suicide" or, as you say, "put others down" really turn people off.

And speaking of inconvenient, please remember this for the upcoming election: Killing the pre-born is one of your most fundamental rights. Don’t lose it. Vote Democrat.

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