Where They Stand (Barak Obama vs. John McCain)

In an article by the Tacoma Morning News Tribune (McClatchy Newspapers and the Associated Press) the standing on various issues including Defense, Veterans, Environment, Energy, Education, and Healthcare are compared. I did a little research, and some math, and come up with the following conservative figures based on the article.




Grow Military
(total x min mo. salary x 36 mo.)


"Climate Friendly" energy program
(per year)


Energy Tax Credit
($1000 x total families in US)


Improve Battery Technology Prize 


Universal Pre-Kindergarten (per year)


College Community Service Tax Credit
(4000 x total college students x 10%)


Universal Medical Program (per year)





As you can see, Obama’s list of spending would be $324.6 BILLION, vs. McCain’s $300 Million. We all know that Congress controls the budget, but you can bet with a Democrat majority in both House and Senate, and a Democrat President, you’re only seeing the beginning of another huge social (socialist) spending spree.

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