Avatar – Promoting that Ol’ Timey Religion

I just finished watching Avatar, a visually stunning movie written and produced by James Cameron. This film sets the bar high for combining real life with CGI-generated characters, in a fantastic foreign world. I believe this movie will be for my kids’ generation what the original Star Wars was for mine.

And that’s where the problems I have with this movie begin.

I should warn you about plot spoilers at this point, but Avatar’s is a very well-worn plot. Oh, don’t get me wrong; the story and characters are different enough to keep you quite engaged. But if you’ve seen Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest, well, that’s basically it. It’s just not as kid-friendly, and has very little humor. And, much like Fern Gully, there are no subtle spiritual belief systems being promoted here – they are about a overt as it gets.

Part of me wonders why Hollywood continues to reiterate the same themes over-and-over again:

  • Evil corporatists, whose only desire is to rape the planet to satiate their greed
  • The predominately White oppressors, seeking to crush the indigenous species (a la White Europeans & Native Americans)
  • A group of “enlightened scientists”, who are also victimized by the evil corporatists and their heartless former Marine minions
  • The “Anointed One”, who magically shows up at just-the-right-time to deliver the oppressed
  • Gaia Worship

And part of me doesn’t wonder.

If you want to have make a movie blockbuster, it has to be based on universal themes that resonate with people’s beliefs. In this case, people have been so indoctrinated with the above themes, they assume an immediate identification with the protagonist and his mission. As a result they ride the (almost literal) roller coaster, and come out the other side, feeling like their beliefs have been confirmed and justified.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Ignore the fact that “evil” corporatists (20th Century Fox) will make hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars off the unsuspecting movie-goers who: Purchase all the soundtracks, action figures, toys, games, and other film-related merchandise; Go to theatres built by corporatists that "raped" the earth for all those materials; Purchase DVDs or stream entertainment built with infrastructure "mined" at the cost of planet earth and the thousands of "exploited" workers around the world.

Between the politically correct themes, and a globalist pagan worship, Hollywood is being consistent in its agenda – the demise of conservative thought, as well as the Christian Religion. They promote the worship of the god of entertainment and new age enlightenment, setting up a priesthood of the liberal elite which dominate the popular media.

The ignorant masses just open their wallets and enthusiastically go along. Didn’t Lenin have something to say about "useful idiots"?

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