Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

Anti Carbon Tax Rally, Melbourne
Anti Carbon Tax Rally, Melbourne (Photo credit: mugfaker)

More evidence that lawyers should not pretend to be economists. Taxes imposed on manufacturers of anything are invariably passed on to consumers. This includes co-called “carbon offset” taxes. In the process, the money is laundered through exchanges and the state bureaucracy, enriching the non-productive leach sector of the economy at the expense of the middle-class.
You liberals whine about the inequality between the 1% & the 99%, then want to impose even more draconian financial policies that exacerbate the problem!
OH NO! THERE’S A CLIMATE CRISIS (there’s always a crisis) so we need to TAX MORE to CONTROL PEOPLE and SAVE THE WORLD! Ad nauseum.

An Alternative Energy Skeptic Speaks Out

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The so-called “sustainability” movement is so politicised that it’s far more detrimental to the environment then doing nothing at all. Vaclav Smil, professor emeritus of environment and geography at the University of Manitoba, makes the case for gradual change in his article: A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy.