• Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

    More evidence that lawyers should not pretend to be economists. Taxes imposed on manufacturers of anything are invariably passed on to consumers. This includes co-called “carbon offset” taxes. In the process, the money is laundered through exchanges and the state bureaucracy, enriching the non-productive leach sector of the economy at the expense of the middle-class.…

  • An Alternative Energy Skeptic Speaks Out

    Why gradual change, rather than disruptive change, will result in far more effective transformation to a sustainable environment.

  • DailyTech – Australian Researchers Warn of Global Cooling

    Yep – the big cause of "Global Warming" for the last century has not been man-made, but SOLAR. Let’s see how the environmentalists spin this one! DailyTech – Australian Researchers Warn of Global Cooling

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