Do Americans Understand What Socialism Is?

From an article by Frank Salvato, on the Family Security Matters website.

Socialism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as:

“Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods; A system of society or group living in which there is no private property; A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.”

So, what does this mean?

Socialism promotes increased government control over the private sector, both socially and in business. It is achieved by instituting a system that redistributes wealth in an effort to artificially equalize wealth in society, regardless of productivity. When a politician says – in no uncertain terms – that he believes it is a good thing to excessively taxing the productive only to redistribute those extracted taxes to the non-productive, exclusively for the sake of altering the social status of individuals, he possesses a Socialist ideology.

The belief that government has the authority to take a citizen’s earnings, no matter what the amount, to bestow it upon another citizen in a quest to socially engineer a more equitable society is squarely rooted in Socialist dogma. This belief is championed and possessed by Barack Obama and is proven beyond doubt in his statement to Samuel Wurzelbacher:

“It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance at success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.”

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Where They Stand (Barak Obama vs. John McCain)

In an article by the Tacoma Morning News Tribune (McClatchy Newspapers and the Associated Press) the standing on various issues including Defense, Veterans, Environment, Energy, Education, and Healthcare are compared. I did a little research, and some math, and come up with the following conservative figures based on the article.




Grow Military
(total x min mo. salary x 36 mo.)


"Climate Friendly" energy program
(per year)


Energy Tax Credit
($1000 x total families in US)


Improve Battery Technology Prize  


Universal Pre-Kindergarten (per year)


College Community Service Tax Credit
(4000 x total college students x 10%)


Universal Medical Program (per year)





As you can see, Obama’s list of spending would be $324.6 BILLION, vs. McCain’s $300 Million. We all know that Congress controls the budget, but you can bet with a Democrat majority in both House and Senate, and a Democrat President, you’re only seeing the beginning of another huge social (socialist) spending spree.

Human Life is Precious, Unless it’s Inconvenient

The upcoming November election, Initiative Measure 1000 (Title: Initiative Measure No. 1000 concerns allowing certain terminally ill competent adults to obtain lethal prescriptions) is patterned after Oregon’s “Death-with-Dignity” law, but after reading this article by Wesley Smith, you may (hopefully) see the malevolent side of the whole debate. In a quote from the article:

Frank Roberts sponsored a measure (SB 1191) to permit "aid-in-dying," defined as "a medical procedure" performed by a physician "to end the life of a patient in a dignified, painless and humane manner." Of course, it meant killing the patient with a lethal injection but, you’ll note, that the soft phrase, "aid-in-dying," was used. That’s an important point since words like "euthanasia," "assisted suicide" or, as you say, "put others down" really turn people off.

And speaking of inconvenient, please remember this for the upcoming election: Killing the pre-born is one of your most fundamental rights. Don’t lose it. Vote Democrat.

Maxine Waters… Socialist Agenda

FOX News published the video of Maxine Waters’ gaffe. Her response came after an executive said that oil would certainly rise to $5 without intervention from Congress or a substantial decrease in demand. She had asked him for guarantees that prices wouldn’t increase. Maxine responded:

“And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socializing — er, uh. [Pauses for several moments] …. would be about … basically … taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

Yep – another liberal who refuses to learn from history. Does the government EVER run anything other than national defense that actually benefits the people in the long run? Does the Constitution of the United States give Congress the authority to STEAL private enterprise?

Maxine was voted one of the most corrupt members of Congress in 2005 and 2006[1]. Now she’s advocating thievery. California – why do you keep electing her?


Poynt Contest Could Help Pay Your Mortgage

Poynt Contest Could Help Pay Your Mortgage

By Rob Campbell

As the sub-prime mortgage crises continues to imperil the beleaguered US economy, North American homeowners may get some relief, from an unlikely source, online. Calgary based, Multiplied Media Corporation, [TSX-V: MMC] has designed a promotion to market their local search service, Poynt and help struggling homeowners make their mortgage payments at the same time. It’s generous, and ingenious; it’s a game with real prizes. In their persistent search for ‘early adopters’ the executives at Multiplied Media have designed a contest to attract some of North America’s 70 million instant messenger users. Throughout the month of March, the "Home Free" contest rewards participants with the opportunity to win a $250,000 Grand Prize, or one of two dream vacations worth $5,000, Microsoft Xbox 360’s, BlackBerry Curve or Pearl Smart Phones and literally hundreds of movie tickets and music downloads.

The user experience has two parts; after registering (for the contest) and adding ‘’ to Microsoft® Windows Live™ Messenger or the screen name Poynt to AIM®, and after each ‘player’ has completed one valid search using Poynt, that individual will receive one game play on the contest website — the game features a unique cartoon map interface that dispenses useful tips and search protocol instructions. Five more valid searches in the real world earns a second play at the game in the cartoon world, and yet another five valid searches on Poynt are rewarded with a third and final game play in the contest website.

Some of us don’t need media celebrities to point out the merits of incorporating more homegrown, locally manufactured commodities into our personal and business lives. Consuming domestic produce is better for the environment, pure and simple. Local traffic means less petroleum is spent bringing goods to market, and that goes a long way toward reducing everyone’s carbon footprint.

At the end of the day, Poynt isn’t just another handy online resource – this powerful tool could help save the world. Now it’s finally possible to track all manner of environmentally friendly food, pet, clothing, and entertainment options close to home. With the click of a button, ‘local search’ helps evolve 21st century consumers.

Poynt’s Homefree Contest Sure, it’s a game; the same way a scratch and win card is a game. It’s really a paid comprehension test. Follow the instructions, and learn by interacting with the software as it makes relevant the abstract potential of Poynt’s local search service in each player’s life. Pay attention and you could win prizes.

What Kinds of Things is Poynt Good For? As participants must actually perform genuine local searches using this unique service, they might get some ideas from the contest. ‘Take Rover to the vet’, ‘Get a haircut’, and ‘Find a doctor’ are the first three things on most TO DO lists on the contest site. Participants will probably mimic the pattern in reality. Suddenly they will know the address of the nearest veterinarian hospital, and the closest barber shop, and medical center.

About the Author: Go to to register and play the game; do a local search on Poynt, and perhaps you will learn something about your neighborhood at the same time.

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