Obama Justice Department Targets Legitimate Businesses by Threatening Banks

Obama Justice Department Targets Legitimate Businesses by Threatening Banks

Obama again shows that he’s willing to use the Executive Branch to impose whatever agenda is convenient to furthering his progressive agenda. By using he DOJ to threaten banks with audits, he’s forcing them to drop “unpopular” businesses, even though they are perfectly legal. This is very similar to the way he used the IRS to stop or delay the 501C(4) status of so-called “Tea Party” political groups.

From the article:

“Operation Choke Point is the Justice Department’s newest abuse of power,” Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and committee chairman, said in a statement. “If the administration believes some businesses should be out of business, they should prosecute them before a judge and jury. By forcibly conscripting banks to do their bidding, the Justice Department has avoided any review and any check on their power.”

Read more: http://p.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/29/operation-choke-point-deliberately-targets-busines/#ixzz338FazbKW

It Shall Not Be So Among You


Christianity is not a religion, but a faith. The treatment of it as a religion has opened the door to man’s drive for power rooted in his corrupted nature. Every institution shaped by man, whether a Christian college, missionary society, “sponsoring church,” or lectureship carries in its veins the poison of power. Power and countervailing power in the secular world may be treated as a necessary evil to prevent some greater evil or achieve some modest good. But power in religion is wholly evil. We have stressed the fact that Christ at the beginning of his ministry rejected Satan’s offer of power. At the end, he refused to bow to power: No man taketh my life; I lay it down! His people were to be a commune, a koinonia of equals, each voluntarily subject to all others. And the greatest among them would be the servant of all!

Understanding a Christian’s relationship to power and authority, and how it should be exercised in the church is critical if you call yourself a Christian. Read the whole essay here.

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