Talking about Digital Music a la Francaise

Any time the Government is your source of rights, your rights are contemptible things that can be vacated at a whim. In the case of France vs. Apple, the state is in effect saying that you have no right to your property (intellectual). France is a true democracy.

That is why true rights are "inalienable", derived from God rather than the State. The most significant being the right to Property.


Digital Music a la Francaise

Talking about ‘Star Wars’: What it felt like the first time – Star Wars –

I was 15 when Star Wars frist hit the big screen, and already a HUGE sci-fi fan. I remember the excruciating wait for the 7 months before it was released, and (way before the Internet) getting every magazine that even hinted info.

A couple of my friends (all of us were total geeks) dressed up in Star Trek garb, somehow thinking it would make the experience even better… but there was nothing that could prepare us for that first space battle scene. It rocked our world.

In all, I went to 13 theater showings that first year. It exceeded every expectation, and literally made that year bearable. Thanks George!


‘Star Wars’: What it felt like the first time – Star Wars –